Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tuesday 2nd July 2009

Dear all
A most satisfying and exciting day in the warm sun. Three, and more cheers, to David, Graham, Roy (73) and Les (78) which saw the repainting of "Tommy" completed and the nameplates affixed. Most importantly both Hydra and Tommy are fitted with their electric start motors with Hydra now being able to start from the cab on an ignition switch. Graham also produced a temporary solution to the clearance of the east side coupling rod that prevents it "rubbing" against the crank. We have really moved forward towards having three locomotives owned by the enterprise and available for all our works trains requirements.
The Trans Plant tamper completed its trials with us and has departed for Ruislip. The Model Railway container had a final coat of floor paint and the Komatsu flail was in action from the 40 steps area to Ken Rowlands crossing opening up the sight lines against the fast growing vegetation.
The Permanent Way team, in weather not really suitable for heavy manual work, loaded 50 garden quality sleepers and delivered them to Shottle for disposal. They also commenced to place very second hand sleepers along the track bed of the proposed loop at Shottle. This is to enable us to accomplish a detailed sort of the various sections of pointwork we have accumulated at Shottle and on board the Sturgeon to provide the hardware for the points to be installed for the headshunt at Duffield North and the elements we have in stock for the metalwork required for Duffield South. The team also cut some redundant rail for the heavy metal skip located at Shottle which should release some much needed funds in due course.
The VCT continued their endeavours south of Hazelwood with more views being opened up and a very big fire. Again, it has not been ideal weather for this extremely valuable work and I am sure there will be cold showers all round tonight.
Another departure was the 40ft container owned by the Briddons bring to a close this chapter of our lives. The Wirksworth site has certainly benefited from many departures, and few arrivals, in the last few weeks allowing more room to access the useful equipment.
The Booking Hall was usefully manned today with quite a few useful phone calls and a service of ice creams to the workers.