Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tuesday 28th July 2009

Dear all
The main thrust of the day was to commence the physical work of stripping out two panels of track through the Postern Lodge Farm accommodation crossing (Travis Folly). In a combined operation between a hired in mini digger, our own Komatsu and a sizable permanent way team, the rails were de-spiked and lifted out, the old sleepers and fill for the crossing removed, the track bed graded and concrete sleepers laid ready to accept the rails tomorrow. This was a most spectacular start to this project and bodes well for completion with minimum disruption for the farmer. To aid today's achievement the Works Train left at 0830 but was slightly delayed en route by a stray cow. Her name was taken and she willingly returned to the field from which she had escaped claiming that trains never run this early.
DRE  tended to the mysteries of the Shottle North Ground Frame and then returned to Wirksworth to continue manufacturing the various items needed for this job. The VCT made a smart getaway from Shottle ahead of the Works Train to continue their work south of Hazelwood and manufactured more logs opening up further views on the west side of the line. Three large fires consumed the brash and the team declared themselves content with their efforts.
The Dream Steam Team made further steady progress with Ferrybridge No3 with the production of working drain cocks, sand boxes fixed on and the back of the cab bolted down together with the coal bunker. A lone member dealt with the area below the viewing area clearing a great deal of vegetation so that there is actually a view. There was much technical energy expended on Tommy revealing that there is some more required to cure a leaking seal.
The shelter for the Information Room and EVRA shop was completed, again somewhat noisily, and the end result should stop the rain blowing in. Tomorrow would seem to be a good test judging by the forecast!
Our unsung heroes that ensure our housekeeping is of a high standard addressed the Mess Hall, Training Room and descaling of our various water boilers and kettles.
The Booking Hall received a few visitors and tended to the usual phone calls. The enterprise continues into the evening with a charter of Iris to Idridgehay for a group hosted by Vince Morris and Ian Cotter.