Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thursday 16th July 2009

Dear all
A further day of earnest endeavour with the VCT heading for the deep south to be followed by the Works Train from Shottle. The VCT had an agricultural day encountering both sheep and cattle in their journeys. Taking all this in their stride a further 100 yards of clearance was achieved on the down (west) side of the line south of Hazelwood resulting in three large fires to burn the brash. They also managed to block off a "rat run" that has been evident north of Duffield with a little hedgelaying aided by material dumped in the area some time ago from the Duffield station clearance. The Permanent Way Team managed a further 10 sleeper changes and recovered a wagon load of logs.
DRE were in evidence at Shottle and have cleared the trackbed for an extension of the Shottle siding to the portals of the Mess Room located there. A buffer stop will be installed to ensure rolling stock is not parked within the building in a moment of inattention.
Further scrap has been revealed during the Shottle clear up and after the pleasant results from the last skip (£563) further energy will be put into realising our assets. This "free" money helps move the overall project forward and we still have to find circa £50k for the Duffield platform.
Good progress is being made by the lone fishing club member at the erosion sites and it has been amazing what one man and a shovel can achieve.
A charter to Ravenstor was run for Wirksworth Primary School this morning as part of their end of term events. On arrival at Ravenstor they marched off to the Stone Centre to return on foot via Black Rocks and the High Peak trail.
The cosmetic restoration of 11520 moved forward until the rains came.
Unfortunately the Booking Hall was unmanned today but we coped!
PS - I have been trying to get in touch with Martin Bromley for some time without success - he is the owner of several items of our rolling stock - does anyone know of his whereabouts?
PPS - Spoke to Albert Hill's wife today and he is still being assessed after his stroke - I have passed on our good wishes again