Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thurs 23rd July

Kala Mera sas,

After spending a fortnight on a nice remote Greek Island, with no
railway within a hundred miles, it was back to the grind today. 282
emails waiting to be attended to.

However, a big shunt occured to refresh the Museum line and rearrange
stock in the yartd. It was also a time to say a fond farewell to the
two Trams that have been lurking here for many years.

Concrete sleepers were loaded onto two flat wagons ready for taking to
Postern Lodge. A sttart was also made of rearranging bags of ballast
that were in the Car Park. Many of the bags had broken and stone had
been spilling out over the last couple of months.

In the Maintenance dept work continued on the fitting of the electric
starter to Tommy.

The VCT continued working from Hazlewood towards Duffield and achieved
a 4 fire day, with much precut material disposed of.

The Booking Hall was kept fairly busy with a steady stream of
visitors, most of whom had very deep pockets!

Just a reminder that the relay at Postern Lodge (Travis Folly) starts
on Monday with the main work being on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
next week.


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