Saturday, 18 July 2009

Report Sat 18.7.2009

Dear all,
It has been a mixed bag of weather today. Some areas being damp at differing times to others.
The Idridgehay service happily bubbled along today and it was joined by a day with a driver plus guests.
 We were also pleased to entertain another Gentleman and guests for a Grice, sorry Drive a Diesel day. A few practice runs were completed to Gorsy Bank and back, with the LMS brake van in tow. After proving himself a most capable Class 20 driver the brake van was swapped for the 108 DMU trailer car. This was then used with the  Class 20 for a surprise birthday charter for yet another Gentleman. This ran to Idridgehay in the free lunchtime path and conveyed 33 guests.   After driving the charter train the Drive a Diesel guests then had a trip to Ravenstor powered by LJ Breaze.
It doesn't sound like much but all this took quite some organizing and took up the entire day.
We are also thankful for the sterling efforts of the Buffet Car staff who managed to sell everything! I think they could have sold the counter too had it not been screwed down!
The Booking hall and EVRA shop were also open and had an excellent days trading. I am sure both the Passenger Services Manger and our esteemed General Manger are going to be most pleased with to days takings.
All in all an excellent days work.
John Stokes an behalf of Mike Evans