Monday, 27 July 2009

Monday 27th July 2009

Dear all
A profitably busy day today with a customer being put through their paces under the eagle eye of Network Rail whose team included a representative of SNCF on secondment. Amongst the many tests included off tracking on the special canted track section. This was declared most successful and is another first for us.
The Information Room and EVRA shop canopy moved forward with the uprights erected. This was quite a loud process outside my office door with the noise mainly emanating from the participants.
The IMT patrolled the Ravenstor line and attempted some repairs in Wirksworth Yard. This was unsuccessful due to the condition of the crossing timbers and surgery is called for in the not too distant future.
The phone was pleasantly busy with mtt enquiries and BuyaGift bookings for Day with a Driver and Drive a Diesel Days.
The Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors as the impact of the school holiday period is felt and bodes quite well for our weekday running days in August.
PS - The Works Train will be at Shottle at 0900 to ensure the Postern Lodge project gets underway on time. The VCT need to be away then to get down to Hazelwood and they will be followed by the Komatsu and Works Train to the relay site. All hands are required at Shottle to make this further adventure a success and not disturb the farm crossing any longer than necessary.