Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tues 2nd June

Evenin' all,

On what was possibly the hottest day of the year, members toiled in
the blazing sun, whilst silly hats was definately de rigeur!

The Dream Steam Team worked on No 3, they were fitting the Connecting
rods (or as one of their technical chaps said ....'those link bits
between the round things'....) More bits were needlew gunned and
cleaned ready for refitting.

The Diesel types were working on Tommy and an 03.

At Shottle, the S&T dept continued building up the base and
backfilling Shottle North Ground Frame. A fitter attended the Komatsu
and fitted a new ignition switch and carried out more testing to find
an intermittent fault - fingers crossed.

The Per way team had an unusual trip when the Bubble Car proppelled a
small works train to site. Around 130 sleepers were dropped in situ and
12 sleepers were changed as well as several pairs of fishplates were
stripped and greased.Some scrap was loaded and the works train left at
Shottle. It Was the day that Mike Evans, doyern of the DMU fleet,
joined up with 'a day with a track Rat. and had an enjoyable day,

The VCT operated south of Hazlewood again and had a two fire day day,
milepost 135 and 134 3/4 were painted at the same time.

Tomorrow sees the Bubble Car 'works train' leaving at 0915 due to
other trains and customers. Otherwise please report to Shottle.

Yesterday some plumbing work was carried out at Duffield, to make the
water supply better, the stop tap was located and now our water flows
onto our site (via a meter)


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