Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wed 4th March

Evenin' all,

Another one of those - what - a - day reports.

The main Per way team were busy at Shottle, a panel of track for the
Loop was drilled and attachec, some work carried out on Jack 'n' pack
of the Loop to make it more suitable to run a stone Hopper on, After
lunch the team made a start on the re-sleepering south from Shottle
South Junction. They managed a very respectful 13 sleepers in the
afternoon. .

The Komatsu was busy on the Racing Straight,m all the big tree root
balls were uplifted and relocated so that nature can take its course
with them. The Down side between the bottom Cross Drain as far as Derby
Road 2 bridge ,was graded which will make it easier to flail.

Back at base, needle guning of Hydra continued and a start made on
machining some bits and pieces for the loco. The Narrow Gauge train was
again attacked with the paint brushes by Rod and Mary. More logs were
prepared for selling. and the Booking Hall had a few vistors whilst the
Buffet Car had further attention before the new flooring arrives later
in the week.

Just a note that Shottle will have no road access tomorrow. VCT and
Per way will have to travel by rail. This is due to work on the
services in the area.


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