Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tues 24th Mar

Evenin' all,

Once again work took place at three seperate areas on site. In the
Maintenance shed, Roy, Les Steve and Will had a hard day chipping and
painting Hydra. Rod worked on the roof of the Shark, whilst the Dream
Steam Team worked on the tank of No 3 as well as the bearings.

At Shottle, the Per way team dismantled two panels of track ready for
fesleepering tomorrow.

At the erosion site near Hazlewood, the VCT made a big start in
clearing the river bank ready for work to start on re-instating the
river bank, this included two bonfires.

The Booking Hall was not covered again, until Pat L wandered in after
lunch and he was volunteered to cover it.

A guest was using the facilities today to perfect their machines for
moving rails

Tomorrow sees work at Shottle from 0800, the train bringing staff
leaves wirksworth at 0930.


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