Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tues 17th March

Evenin' all,

Another big day with activity spread out over a wide area.

The DST painted their wheels in the shed, as well as visiting the
boiler for No 3. where more work is progressing at a rapid pace.

Hydra had more old paint removed whilst the 70's duo applied fresh
paint, some red oxide one one side and grey undercoat to the previously
painted areas.

The Logging dept were working and also had a bonfire

The class 20 took the works train to Shottle where the Komatsu loaded
some rails onto the Sturgeon and returned with them to Wirksworth where
they were offloaded in the 4' of road 2 ready to act as test rails for
a customer.

Indeed the Per way team were split into 3 teams, with one team re-
measuring and confirming the canted track at Gorsey Bank which will be
used for testing very shortly. Another team managed to change 6
sleepers south of Shottle. whilst the third team moved rails. This was
the first time that the Komatsu has been used in a crane mode, for
loading and unloading a rail at at time, it worked well and was changed
back to flailing mode at the end of the day.

The VCT are now working south of A3, and reported a 3 fire day.

DRE (S&T Branch) continued sorting and cleaning bits and pieces for
the new interlocking and pointwork at Shottle and Duffield.

Dave N reports that the leak in the Gents has been repaired, he
informs me that the way to cure a leak is not to slap several coats of
paint over it!

The Mess room had its weekly deep clean.

Tomorrow sees work at Shottle, but the works train will depart from


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