Sunday, 22 March 2009

Progress Sunday 22 march 2009

Dear all,

A day of many parts, some of them chilly, but the morning had been sunny
and Carline Enterprises washed two yellow road-rail vehicles before
giving Ravenstor some necessary attention. The Booking Hall dealt with a
modest number of passengers and half the Heanor football team visited
the buffet car, but Passenger Services was mainly occupied with stuffing
the pre-Easter promotional mail out. Work also took place to repair the
door frame of the Training Room.

The Global Marketing Department and its wobbly dog attended to provide
staff and other interested parties with information on the new
Share-Save scheme, a link to which can doubtless be found below this
valuable email.

In the engineerium, the Steam Team proceeded with Ferrybridge Number 3
and the Class 119 Appreciation Society turned their attention to the
exhaust parts of that vehicle, as well as being assisted with work on
the window frames. The Class 20 had its internal-external checklists
checked and its staff certified.

Duffield Station received attention to the main entrance and this is now
wonderous tidy to the considerable amazement of all concerned, for which
there will doubtless be a short report shortly. Or possibly a long
report shortly.

All the best,