Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wed 28th Jan

Evenin' all,

Once again, the main thrust of work was at Shottle. The digger/dumper
team completed the transfer of ash base from the heap to the trackbed
of the loop, they also put some of the spoil in the existing siding.
There are now several car parking spaces at Shottle. The rest of the
Per way team continued to work on installing two rails between the Trap
point and the point on our main line at Shottle North Junction. Most of
this was screwed down and slewed into its final position, some rail
'trimming' and final fixing is required.

Back at base, a battery was fitted to the crane and that has now moved
under its own power, across to the shed area, another first. The Class
20 was dried out after some dampness got into it. It also had a light
buffing, its prime role is to help in the MTT role, for one of our
clients. Whilst the gatex was out of its berth, the chance was again
taken to fettle the track into Platform 2A. The chance was also taken
to give the coaches a bit of a pre-season wash with the Jet wash.

Harsco were on site trying out the facilities with their first vehicle
on test and were getting to know the place. All of a sudden, the
Testing side has come back to life with bookings for this week as well
as one for next week. All of this is good news at it pays for continued
work and restoration.

Some more fettling work was carried out on the Narrow Gauge line, and
the logging dept were in full swing.

Dont forget that the VCT as well as the Per way team will meet at
Shottle tomorrow.

A good and varied days progress on a pleasant day.


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