Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tues 20th Jan

Evenin' all,

A bright, cold day with plenty of wintery sunshine.

A little light shunting and the per way team headed south, A wagon
load of sleepers were unloaded and sorted - these were the ones from
Whatstandwell. The train then continued sout and met up with the very
small VCT (most of them had thrown a 'sicky') A wagon was loaded with
logs ready for a customer, and much recovered metalwork was also loaded
up. On theway back, the concrete catchpit rings were unloaded ready for
the new pit to be built shortly. Attention was also paid to the
southern cross drain-the sheer volume of water was overwhelming the
existing outfall.

As mentioned the |VCT were at Shottle and soon had a good fire
blazing, burning brash that has been cut down during the last few

Back at base the Gleam Steam Team were hard at it, burnishing the
boiler of No.3. They also started upgrading the small road/rail lorry
especially the crane motor.

Our Man in Havana came in from the cold, actually Martin said it was
slightly warmer in Cuba - he failed to bring back any more orange
clothing from one of the Bay's in Cuba.

The Logging department were baffled by the reduction in the size of
their stockpile of logs. It appears that someone has been helping
themselves. They soon got into their stride, with Geoff coming to
report progress every few minutes.

Steve and Will completed work on one of the 03's so that is now
available once it has been run in again. Upon inspection, the brake
block on the donor Ruston were no better than the ones they were going
to replace, so some bits were recovered before th skeleton loco was
returned toits berth.

Some new stock arrived for the shop and were sorted, these include
jigsaws featuring our own stock, new mugs and a money box.. Several
visitors turned up for tours of the yard.

Tomorrow sees work at Wirksworth Yard, with some light shunting and
s0me BH chairs been stored whilst other Pan 11 are loaded and taken to
Shottle. So please report to Wirksworth at the normal time.


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