Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wed 3rd Dec

Evenin' all,

Another day with a hard frost but a clear crisp sort of day,
absolutely right for some gentle exercise.

The Per way team headed south and collected a wagon load of logs and
made them ready for a customer to collect. The team then continued to
Duffield where they split into two teams. One team replaced some track
material inside the tunnel, including three new sleepers, baseplates
and spikes, and packed the joint. The other team plated up the first
panel of the siding and started clipping down, a lot more work before
it can be run on though. An early finish was assured as we had to pick
up the empty wagon and reload with logs, unfortunately the load had not
been collected. Possibly just as well as we have almost run out of
logs, certainly not another wagon full

Back at base, the Shark got further attention to the rain strips and
other fixtures, whilst Stuart continued with the wiring up of the
various power tools etc in the maintenance area.

Martin was busy being creative. Also Pat L stepped in to the Booking
Office at short notice to recieve more enquiries and bookings for

Tomorrow we will meet at Wirksworth - subject to weather conditions.


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