Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wed 31st Dec 2008

Evenin' all for the last time this year,

The Spring cleaning of the yard continued, with the Per way team
collecting assorted sleepers from around the yard, some went for
regrading, whilst reusable ones were transported to Shottle. More scrap
was recovered.
Please remember that the Museum line must now remain clear from Rod's
Cabim northwards to the 3 way point.

The Shunter team resumed work on Kirtley, changing the batteries and
working on some plumbing. Kirtley ended with a run up the Incline and
behaved well.Buffers were also taken off the donor loco for exchange
with the bad ones on Faraday.

Some light shunting of the DMU stock was also undertaken.

This has been a year of great expansion for our railway, next year
promises to be even more so. All our different teams have worked well
and have achieved a great deal. The next 20 months should see us
opening to Duffield, so there remains a great deal to do. Many thanks
to all concerned who have helped with this project.

Have a happy New Year and I shall expect everyone back to normal next


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