Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wed 17th Dec

Evenin' all,

Today saw the slightly delayed 8th anniversarry special and Christmas
'do' for the working members. Iris and the Bubble car ran around the
yard and Incline before setting off to make a non stop run to Duffield
- at least it was planned as a nonstop run, but we found some sheep the way just south of Shottle. We ran non stop from Duffield
back to Wirksworth where a sumptious feast awaited us (it says here).
It was the first time that we used outside caterers for this event and
it was a little less in quantity than one might have hoped.

Certainly it was a chance for those who work in the Booking Hall, or
who work back at Wirksworth to have a whole line trip - one forgets
that some members have not been down the line before. The changes that
have taken place are truly awesome (dont you hate that expression). A
great thank you to everyone who has helped out throughout the years.
Also thanks to the team who helped with the catering, it was a scratch
team who achieved very good results - thannk you

Sperry Rail were also here today carrying out some driver training
with their Unimog, they also had a run down the line.

Found Property - A Whistle has been found in the yard, attached to it
is keyring from another preserved railway. If it is yours and you can
name the railway, the whistle is in the office.

Tomorrow sees not one but two companies coming for whole line testing,
there is little opportunity for trackside work.


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