Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wed 10th Dec

Evenin all,

Another cold and crisp day with activity mainly centered at Duffield.
Once again the Per way team split into two. One team completed the
jacking and packing of the turnout, then the whole new layout was
packed with the 'Kango' hammers. The turnout is now reasonably secure.
The other team dropped stone in the siding line and then ran out some
more sleepers and also installed the next two short rails. Tomorrow
sees the end of work at Duffield for the moment. We now have a short
operational siding.

Back at base, the checking of the First Aid boxes was completed, and
the burst pipe in the Buffet car was sorted out. The carpets were dried
and the heating left on to further aid drying out prior to the weekend.

The Firewood dept were again in full swing to catch up with orders.

The Booking Hall team dealt with some more enquiries regarding Santa
Bookings - not much time left.

Tomorrow sees some light shunting in the yard before going to
Duffield. Duffield arrival time expected to be 11.00.


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