Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tues 9th Dec

Evenin' all,

A cold and crisp day with brilliant winter sunshine. Just the day for
some light exercise. So the Per way team set off for sunny Duffield,
all the junction and lifting plates were sorted on the new pointwork
and most of the turnout has been jacked and packed - no one cold after
that! The rest will be completed tomorrow. Rodders put in an
appearance, but when offered a shovel so that he could help, he claimed
that he didn't know which end to sit on and beat a hasty retreat.

The VCT continued work near to Jebbs Lane, where a big area has been
opened up and a new fence errected, they had a two fire day - probibly
cold! More logs were produced, these were collected by the returning
works train . So another customer will have a warm Christmas. Our own
logging and Firewood dept chopped some more firewood for those who want
hand crafted logs

Back at base, Santa's little Grotto has been completed and outshopped.
It is ready for the massed hoards that will arrive this weekend. The
inside is a closely guarded secret but Rod and Mary have done a really
good job in converting the Brake Van into a Giants castle Fe-Fi-Fo Fum

The Dream Steam team lept warn using the boiler of No 3,, they have
turned it onto it side and have extracted the Foundation Ring - sounds

As the Booking Hall was unmanned, until Pat Lidgett turned up, there
was a flurry of last minute bookings for Santa, which Martin had to
deal with, Martin was glad when he had some back up to take over the

Dave N, found a burst pipe in the new Buffet Car following the cold
weather and started bailing out the vehicl ready for the weekend -
Remember to leave the heating on in the Buffet Car whilst this cold
weather keeps up.

Fred and Iris gave the Mess Room a good sort out. There was another
very generous contribution to the RRV fundwhich means that a visit will
be paid next week to hopefully bring the purchase of the machine to a
satisfactory conclussion.

Tomorrow sees further work at Duffield, works train leaves at 0930 and
arrives at Duffield around 1030 ish. Tomorrow and Thursday will see the
conpletion of the installation of the point, and hopefully its
commissioning as well as a short siding being made available.


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