Thursday, 4 December 2008

Thursday 4th December 2008

Dear all
After a slushy start the snows gradually cleared enabling the PW team to return to Duffield and secure the first two rails of the loop and clip them up. The VCT followed to the Jebbs Lane area where a further 50 yards of fencing were secured following the great escape of cattle at the weekend. This was a very wet process as they were working in snow and water that was knee high. Their visit to the area also yielded more logs and the creation of the customary fire for the brash.
Back at base a replacement PIR light was fitted to the south end of the Training Room and the Logging Dept had a day of housekeeping following the completion of the Shark renovation. The new gents toilet door received a coat of gloss on the interior side and it is declared they are open again in time for the Santa season to the relief of all intending visitors.
Pat and Mike returned from an excursion to London proudly bearing a Runners Up Certificate from the National Railway Heritage Awards - The London Underground Accessibility Award - for Idridgehay Station. Not bad when they were up against multi million pound projects at Durham and Hull!
There was a lot of white collar work as the likely costs and timescales were reviewed for the Idridgehay to Duffield section taking into account the experiences of the last couple of months. It was decided that after a tidy up at Duffield over the next two weeks we would concentrate on the "Hustle to Hazelwood" and you will all be pleased to know that the next six months are now mapped out!
We also welcomed two kind donors who were responding to Mick Kingsley's appeal and provided funds to ensure the road/rail flail will be ours with just a little more input.