Thursday, 18 December 2008

Thursday 18th December 2008

Dear all
A satisfying, if somewhat long, day with early and late shift customers. The first customer brought a new road/rail lorry varient and also delivered a new addition to our fleet in the form of a further road/rail Landrover. This had its first outing on our line accompanying the second customer with a road/rail electrification support vehicle whose test ran on into darkness. On site to talk with both customers was Network Rail's road/rail vehicle supremo who was pleased to be updated on our endeavours along the line. Opportunity was taken to discuss new business opportuinities that may see another "Sperry" like arrangement - a quotation has been prepared!
In amongst today's testing the VCT accomplished a final clear up at Jebbs Lane and then moved on to the Old Lane area. A neighbour waited on them with teas and coffees, apolgising for the lack of biscuits "as the grandchildren had consumed them all". I must call round and discourage these interuptions to productivity.
Down at Duffield there was further brush bashing by our lone representative there and two more attractive lamps were positioned on the Wirksworth Office for future wiring up. A special mention for Pat Craft who restored the Gatwick Express after yesterday's event finding a great deal of food ground into the carpets - I must cut down on the portions in future. In between vacuuming Pat also managed sales from the EVRA shop to sundry visitors who seemed particularly interested in the large collection of bus orientated books that have been recently donated.
Patrick Keef returned with a new axle and wheels for the narrow gauge manrider and supervised the tests of the air braking system between the car and Lesley the Lister. All tests were satisfactory and we are nearly ready for the final signoff by HMRI.