Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sat 13th Dec

Evenin' all,

I know what you are thinking......Whats he doing here again. Well
today was the first day of this years Santa Specials. We ram three
trains from Platform 3 up to Ravenstor where Santa was with Jack and
the Beanstalk (Oh no he wasnt.. oh yes he was) The customers saw the
Giant (Fe, Fi Foh For, I am the Giant of Ravenstor), and also saw
Henrietta and the golden egg. The trains were driven by Jack, etc. etc.
After visiting Santa the guests returned to Wirksworth for Mince pies,
etc. It is a good tried and tested formula which works very well
indeed. Congratulations to everyone involved It was day when everyone
mucked in together - even the Duty Manager was waiting on and doing the
washing up. Everyone enjoyed the event and much favourable comment was
made.The rain fell nearly all day, just stopping when the last train
arrived back at Wirksworth. The Buffet Car and Gatex were fully in use,
and everthing worked perfectly, Passengers were pleased that the DMU
was heated!

Another team carried on with the restoration pof the 117with attention
being paid to the windows and their surrounds.


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