Sunday, 28 December 2008

Progress Report Sunday 28th December 2008

Dear all,

I have been asked to convey the following report on behalf of Mr John
Ball, Duty Manager:

A dry if rather cold day with a modest number of passengers using the
Ravenstor service, but at least into double figures.

The conscript and his close personal friend completed the primer
undercoating of the Briefly Green Container and this is now ready to
accept its gloss coat of magnolia and burgundy, unfortunately we don't
have any gloss magnolia or burgundy at the moment, but in any case it is
rather too cold for gloss to dry effectively.

In the department of engineering, major work continued on D2158 in the
general area of its parts. Also in the department of engineering a
wide-ranging movement of valuable railway artefacts took place to enable
the generator which was formerly in Iris (when it was a test car) to be
mounted in the engineers container, in order to provide power to weld
DMUs and save us having to transport said DMUs to another nearby
heritage railway famous for its Much Bigger Shed and proximity to the
Butterley Pie and Tart Shoppe.

In the division of Lavatorial Infrastructure, now under the supervision
of Mr I C Todger, some cosmetic work has been taking place to ensure
that the Staff can be used more comfortably as Emergency Ladies in the
future, and a whole £7.99 has been spent on a new mirror. If the paint
is not dry in the morning please do not sit on the seat.

All the best,