Saturday, 6 December 2008

Progress Report Saturday 6th December

Dear all,

A sunny winters day which saw the Wirksworth Christmas Extravaganza
bring us two passengers and the Egyptian Tourist Bureau three more,
consequently the on-demand service to Ravenstor chugged bravely up the
hill, but only briefly.

Engineering work proceeded apace however, and a compressor was replaced
on D2158 and this locomotive is now operational. In the class 31 the AV
board was exchanged. The class 119 Appreciation Society appears to have
gone shopping but a small contingent proceeded with a large amount of
screwing (technically, unscrewing) and the ceiling panels are now off
ready for further work.

Around the station, the quad was decorated for Christmas and the full
panoply of of coloured lights was turned on causing a brown-out in
Gorsey Bank. A set of PW lights has also been put up to illuminate the
crossing, please note these have been carefully adjusted not to shine in
people's eyes. Further work was done on the gents door, which has now
received a door stop, though not yet the promised closer. Please note
this door sticks a little at the moment. Will station staff please note
we have used all the salt, however there is some sand in the weighbridge
in the event of icing, and doubtless a road bin can be raided in an
emergency, while we await deliveries.

Duffield Station was inspected and the staff there were found to have
been undertaking further work on the fencing.

All the best,