Monday, 1 December 2008

Monday 1st December 2008

Dear all
After last week's excitements there was a small pause for breath today. However, despite it being bitterly cold the dmu team completed the base preparation of the Class 117 roof and used the Bubble Car to shunt the Works Train into Platform 1 so that the contents of the Tool Van can be rearranged tomorrow ready for the next part of the plot.
Faraday was serviced and awaits Steve's ministrations before returning to service and a few last minute jobs were achieved on the Shark. Templates were made for the new windows to be fitted into the driving cab of the Museum Coach and the Booking Hall was kept fairly busy with a few sales and Santa enquiries.
The usual first of the month invoicing flurry was somewhat warming and it was good to take a booking from a new MTT customer.
Where is this global warming?