Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wed 19th Nov

Evenin' all,

The mini digger has now reached the Sough at Callow Park. Steve
reckons that he has shifted 2.500 tons of vegetation, felled tree
trunks, slurry and mud from the 'Racing Straight' over the last 10 days
- not bad!

The works train continued to Shottle to pick up the rest of the
troops. The last 'bad joint was cut out and new closure rail added. The
run from Idridgehay to Shottle is now much better and awaits the next
visit of the welders. Other members of the team travelled the section
gathereing odd offcuts of rail and the unusable bits which will go into
store until the price goes back up again. After lunch, a start was made
on the north end of Shottle loop. Several sleepers on the main line
were moved and many base plates were positioned. We ran out of time to
put the firstv rail in, but it is not far off.

Back at Wirksworth, Stuart carried on fitting the electrics to the
workshop area. Roy and Les (the famous 70's double act measured up the
toilet door to the Gents, and will no doubt return with a newly
fabricated door and frame in due course. Both Santa's Grotto and the
Shark Brake Van continued to get some refurbishment, whilst the Buffet
Car was readied fo some guests on Fridqay.

Generally speaking a very busy and productive day.

Tomorrow sees the works train delivering the digger at 0830 before
returning to Wirksworth. to pick up members who will be working with
the digger to remove tree stumps etc.
Shottle access will be closed tomorrow.


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