Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tues 11th Nov

Evenin' all,

The Works train was away by 0830 with the Digger actually starting
work on the Racing Straight drains by 0900'. By the time the machine
was picked up another 100 m had been cleared and a new ditch dug.

The Per way team joined the train at Shottle and spent some tinme
recovering material, repositioning the concrete sleepers that had to be
moved fror the welders. Another bad joint was cut out, and another lake
was disposed of by clearing out a drin. The two minute silence was

The VCT stopped by the Digger to render any assistance before
continuing to the area between Jebbs Lane and Barnsley lane for more

A boiler Inspector dropped in on the Dream Steam Team, and was very
satisfied with the work carried out thus far on N0 3.The front
Tubeplate has been removed, whilst more boiler descaling was carried
out. Once again Spring Cleaning took place.

L5 completed its EMC test, and has now departed.

Further work was carried out in the Buffet Car to improve the
electrical fixtures and fittings. David N has been plodding away on
this task for several weeks. It is rather difficult as the Buffet Car
has to be open for business at weekends. The Booking Hall dealt with
its visitor and once again had several enquiries for the Sant Specials
as well as the usual people not selling things but merely carrying out
a survey!.

An abridged mention from our collegue at Duffield says that a little
more strimming was carried out. I thought that I would omit the bits
about it being a warm sunny day, whilst the birds were merrily
twittering in the trees etc......

Dont forget, that tomorrow, the Works Train will be leaving Wirksworth
by 0830 and will be at Shottle by about 0930 - members to join at
Shottle after signing in at Peak Oil - there are still vacancies for
drivers and guards for the next two weeks. Leaving Wirksworth by 0830.


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