Thursday, 6 November 2008

Thursday 6th November 2008

Dear all
Another stonking and industrious day with a concentration on the "racing straight" between Milepost 140 and 139. This problem section has been subject to flooding for many years and whilst we effected some remedial work prior to the Idridgehay opening we have decided to undertake a major blitz over the next two weeks. To prepare for this work the VCT have cleared the area around the major outfall toward the end of the straight so that the mini digger will be able to see the area of work more clearly. Half way along the section there is a drain that disappears under a field towards the river and after a great deal of effort this was freed off and the water level dropped quickly. After all this effort the PW team collected logs which were delivered to Shottle sidings for collection, another first!, and short rails were delivered to the Idridgehay - Shottle section for where the remaining gaps are too large to be bridged by welding. A considerable success for the PW team was to discharge the Mermaid that had the contents of the main cross yard drainage project sitting in it for many months. The vehicle is an integral part of the Duffield Army project and there is considerable relief that it is now available for service again.
On the subject of welding, Thermit Welding visited the site to plan their work for next week. 12 welds have already been achieved and they plan to field three teams next Monday to move the job forwards. We may then have to have a pause to save up for further work.
At Duffield work has concentrated on the Office/Mess Room so that it will be up to standard for our joint project with the Army in three weeks time. Any failure in this area will result in the Duffield team undertaking an as yet undetermined number of press-ups.
Back at base Battery Locomotive L21 continued its test programme and Sperry attended their SRS242 vehicle. The Buffet Car electrics project continued and the Shark renovation moved forward.
Tonight sees the line closed at Duffield in order that Scott Wilson can undertake a bridge inspection of the A6 road bridge for which we are providing safety management. Santa bookings continue to be received with the likelihood that this will be the best year ever.