Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thursday 13th November 2008

Dear all
A dreary, dank day that saw the works train departing at the crack of dawn again to drop off Steve and the mini digger on the "racing straight" and continue on to Shottle and Duffield. PW materials were loaded at Shottle and dropped at Duffield ready for the Army project the week after next. This included 30 sleepers and pipes for the drainage channel through the tunnel. The pipes were laid and covered in stone so that the mini digger will have a suitable spot to detrain. Opportunity was taken to rod the whole run from the north of the Tunnel to the outfall into the holding tank within the new development. This was possible because of the sterling work put in by Anthony Carline and his weekend team and represents a considerable saving on what we thought would be a wholesale renewal of the Duffield drainage system.
In order to achieve these tasks a quite weighty train was assembled yesterday that placed a heavy demand on Faraday. With the convenience of a siding at Shottle the return load was lightened there for the return to Wirksworth. Progress on the Wirksworth navigation was somewhat slower today due to the number of tree stumps to be wrestled out to free the ditch up but each day sees the sodden track bed gradually drying out which is a most satisfactory result.
The VCT ventured to an area north of Jebbs Lane and introduced a new recruit into their ways. The new recruit enjoyed her day and vowed to return next week! The Sperry team worked south of milepost 139 verifying previously obtained data and it is pleasing that they found no problem areas.
The dmu team were out in force and, as a result of a generous donation, were able to fill the tanks of all their vehicles and continue with routine maintenance. The Shark project continued and induction of the newly appointed Assistant Station Master was completed. Many congratulations to David Woodhouse for taking on this important task.
Another very good day.