Sunday, 30 November 2008

Progress Sunday 30th November 2008

Evening all,

Its been quite a productive day where yet again the temperature barely got above freezing all day.

First thing this morning the decision was taken to venture to Duffield to collect the works train that had been stabled there during the week. Unusually, DMUs would provide the motive power for this task. After the bubble car and 117 power car had been connected together to run in multiple they ventured down the line. Once the consist had passed Hazelwood it was a stop/start affair as all of the trees and bushes that were going to hit the train were cut off. There is still alot of work to do! The train finally arrived at Duffield station three and a half hours after leaving Wirksworth and coupled up to the four goods wagons. Incidentally, this is believed to be the first DMU on our line to visit Duffield Station since a Cadet Special in December 2006 and it is also the first DMU consist over the fresh new pointwork laid this week! The units then pulled back the wagons at line speed as if they weren't even there. Such a strange consist forced people into taking random photographs from bridges as the train passed. Just for the record, DMUs are still not allowed south of Idridgehay without specific permission from the DMU Manager.

Back at base, Rod started early putting some finishing touches to the castle ready for Santa and the Christmas decorations were hung inside the Booking Hall. Iris ran the service today and there were loadings on each run, with some of the passengers splashing their cash in the EVRA shop.

A large Dream Steam Team were also in action down the yard making various bits glow and a team of two conscripts fettled the Narrow Gauge.

All in all, not bad,

John Ball