Saturday, 29 November 2008

Progress Report Saturday 29th November 2008

Evening everybody,

In a day where the only train movements were Carline Drains & Co in the Land Rover, much was done under the blanket of fog which didn't lift all day!

Down at the shed, some of the Class 119 team were busy applying Anti-Corrosive Green slop to the steelwork that had been prepared in previous weeks. This paint stops the rust from reforming. EVERYTHING was painted including the walls, ceiling and floor (some by accident). Meanwhile, on the other side of the shed the acid etching paint was applied to the roof of the 117. It is probably too cold for this to be effective but only time will tell.

The younger offender and his minder performed more stripping in the 117 centre car shell.

Those of you who have had nothing better to do will have noticed on the webcam a strange fortune tellers tent that had been erected in front of the Gents toilets. Unfortunately, Mystic Meg was nowhere to be seen though, as the construction was merely to aid the drying of gloss on the toilet door. Inside, our esteemed Station Master painted away to the warmth of a fan heater. There was much interest from visiting public, who availed themselves to yet more Santa bookings and stock from the EVRA shop.


Mike Evans