Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tues 13th May

Evenin' all,

Another warm day with activities centered on the northern half of the

The per way team carried on fishplate greasing and are now at Derby
Road bridge. having stripped and sorted 10 panels of plates. Other
members went a bit further south and made repairs to loose woods on an
anti trespass guard and also some remedial work to a farmers gate post.

The VCT continued working to the site entrance on Station road, and
completed the new piece of fencing, they eagerly await the new gate
post! They also carried out some perimeter work in the car parking

Evans the paint applied more white paint at Idridgehay, whilst Wee
Yorkie has paint applied to the freshly burnished frames - some bits
will soon start to be put back. Dave Mee carried on with the Narrow
Gauge line (at least I think it was him, he is getting quite far away
now). More electrical work in connection with the lights on platform
2/3, as well as sonme work on the station PA system.

Passenger services were busy in their shop carrying out stocktakes
between almost constant phonecalls about amazing free offers for us,
phone surveys, and a few genuine enquiries.


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