Monday, 26 May 2008

Mon 26th May

Evenin' all,

With the weasther forcast predicting storm and tempest we had a most
enjoyable carnival day, with record attendances. The 03 ran the Incline
service the Met Cam running the first four Idridgehay trains followed
by the Bubble car for the last few. Dolly was on the Gorsey Bank line,
in other words three seperate revenue earning trains in operation at
the same time.Not bad. One of the Idridgehay services ran with 100%
occupancy (we had to stop people getting on) and another with about 90%
occupancy. The majority of trains ran over 50% full. The Buffet car was
at full stretch and poor Julie was working flat out all day (Note, we
must get more Buffet car staff on duty)

With the increased parking capability we were pleasantly full all day.
Many used our carpark and paid to leave the car and visit the Carnival.
Others claimed their refunds and used the trains. All in all we took
over £1800 today alone. Once again another of our very succesfull days.
It was also interesting that we had visitors from two other railways
who were facinated by our operations, one of whom was very
complimentary and jotted down ideas to copy for their line (One of the
Premier league lines).

A hugely successful day, well done all.

Tomorrow sees the Incline service continuing - if there is any fuel
left, and a start on a very testing week, with whole line testing
tomorrow Other activities confined to the yard.

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