Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wed 16th April

Evenin' all,

Once again I feel totally drained!

Two main worksite in the yard, with the main per way team changing two
more crossing timbers on the dingle slip point. Quite a tricky job as
the sleepers were under the crossing nose assembly with lots of rails
on top and alongside them. The job again required the removal of a rail
in the adjoining track to get the sleepers in. The work also means that
the slip from the Incline to road 2 is now a better fit. As stated
yesterday, many of the chairs are not the correct ones, and were bodged
to fit many many years ago. The sleepers taken out again had the
central chairs heavily indented into the timber and the chair screws
were not connected to anything, many just pulling out by hand. At least
we can now have more confidence in it.

The other main activity was again digging the new drainage system. All
the main drains are now inplace, whilst some of the feeder drains have
also been added, work continues tomorrow. The Incline is still out of
use with some of the pointwork disconnected to give access for the

As the Incline was not in use, passengers had a run to Idridgehay.

Work continued on the narrow gauge line and some lamp brackeys were
fixed to platform 2/3 shelters ready for new lamps to be fitted. Some
further work was carried out on the children's play area.


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