Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tues 8th April

Evenin' all,

The VCT carried on burning pre cut trees south of Idridgehay. The Per
way team collected the remaining logs on the Idridgehay section, these
were returned to base for a customer. After lunch, the team went to
join up with the VCT who required a bit more muscle power. Three fires
managed to get rid of quite a lot of brash.

More fitting out of the 40' container along with wiring up . Mo work
was carried out on Wee yorkie in order to release the cross heads. Work
also continued on the Narrow Gauge line with the marking out and laying
of further sleepers.

The Ravenstor service ran to the delight of the few passengers who
turned up..

The track team did a track walk up to Ravenstor before the first train
of the day, this was followed bymaitenance work on Wash Green crossover
and adjoining track.

Work also started on the paintwork of the lorry, with Adam cleaning
off the 'flaky' bits.

More domestic activity with the Mess room and the Training room having
a good clean.


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