Monday, 14 April 2008

Monday 14th April 2008

Dear all
The main project today centred around the commencement of the great Wirksworth cross drain project. This is designed to drain the bottom of the Incline across the Yard to the sough that runs underground on the lengh of the west side of our property. The objective is to stablilise the track bed at the base of the Incline which has been sinking since we built the line. Work started from the sough adjacent to the Museum siding and progressed under Roads -1, 1 and 2 and headed towards the pointwork connecting the access to Watercrane siding. At this juncture there was a very satisfying "glug" as water started pouring into the new drainage trench and our various "ponds" dried out. Great thanks to the very small team orchestrating the work and the project will continue for the rest of the week.
Another high point of the day was a charter in Iris to Idridgehay for a coach party that intended to visit another railway but they couldn't manage them on a Monday! Again many thanks to the train crew that turned in, Julie who opened the Buffet Car for them and Pat who opened the EVRA shop. It was a most successful and profitable exercise demonstrating that the ability to fire up a splendid single unit railcar has many advantages. The Booking Hall reeled from this activity on a Monday and welcomed a number of other visitors.
Wee Yorkie received attention to its crossheads and dmu maintenance continued. The area of outstanding flora north of Idridgehay was more substantially defined so that it is not weed treated and John the Paint (79) was in action again. A potential supplier of drainage materials for Duffield was taken on a site visit and from the activities in the Yard could see we are experts in the field. 
PS - a report from Anthony on Sunday's permanent way activity again featured drains! Progress was made on the problem area south of Ken Rowlands and there is a determination to resolve the problem. Our experience has been that investment in drainage finally pays dividends and it would seem we will have to bite the bullet again!