Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wed 5th March

Evenin' all,

Another full day as another big push to get things ready for this

The works train was delayed somewhat by a strange machine which was on
test. It is a new concept for a fastclipper, which inserts fastclips
onto newly laid rails. Fastclips are the new method of fixing rails to
their sleepers or bearers. The clips themselves arrive usually as part
of the sleeper, once the rails have been inserted a machine goes along
knocking the clips into place This machine, designed and built in
Sweden, with some British input is an experimental machine that can
climb on and off track on its own legs. Some f the testing was carried
out today, with more being done tomorrow. Our new addition to the
fleet, the Landrover, acted as escort and enabled various Fitters,
designers and NR staff to accompany the vehicle.

When the works train eventually was able to leave, the remaining
scrap sleepers were removed and relocated and many pre cut logs were
returned to base. Much more tidying and sorting of the Narrow Gauge
materials was carried out.

The Incline coach really looks the Cats Wiskers, as these were painted
on today. The coach looks superb and is a credit to those who have
worked on it.

MOre work was carried out on the northern foot crossing - fresh from
his success with the Idridgehay ski jump, Rod has been asked to carve a
niche by cutting out the sleepers to fit around the rail chairs. This
work will be completed tomorrow, as will the tarmacing for the new

Generally, a day of more tidying and fettling, if it moves - salute
it; if it stands still - paint it! The Passenger Services dept were
also busy with lastminute bookings as well as the usual casual

Tomorrow is the last day to get things ready, with much tooing and
froing, as well as shunting. More communications work will will also be
completed. The machine will be leaving early and testing will take
place at the southern end of the line allowing other movements at the
northern end.


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