Thursday, 27 March 2008

Wed 26th March

Steve's report, via the Ambergate galactic relay facility.....

Dear All,

Despite the hacking coughs that appeared to emanate from every corner of the site today the hardy Wednesday team set about the long jobs-to-do list that a very poorly Projects Director had dragged himself from his sick bed to deliver : such devotion!

The PW team ventured southwards to continue with Operation Hoover and managed to clear the line-side of some rotted sleepers that had been languishing for several months and delivered these to the disposal point, returning with two loads of logs to keep the Woodcutters happy.A task quickly reported but, judging by the faces of the returning team, a very arduous activity.

Elsewhere in the yard the Narrow Gauge received more attention as it approaches Cemetery Lane Bridge and the Woodcutters were engaged in a little light restoration in their cabin.

The engineering team carried out the necessary work to return Faraday back to traffic and spent the rest of the day attending to the maintenance requirements of the two 03s.

The solo Land Rover enthusiast carried out more work to his charge and we await the completion of the makeover with some eagerness.

Not to be outdone, the Passenger Dept both welcomed and transported several visitors who had braved the foul weather to visit our enterprise and despite the fact that the ringing of the till bell wasn't as pronounced as of late, the proprietoress of the EVRA shop appeared satisfied with the day's trade.