Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wed 19th March

Evenin' all,

Operation Hoover continued, with the Per way team travelling as far as
Shottle. They recovered various odd lengths of rail and a wide variety
of recyclable metal objects. Some Sidings quality sleepers were also
recovered where they will be used at Wirksworth. The area around the
Badger setts was also tidied up, Although they were given notice to
quit, Mr and Mrs Brock decided to return and have spent some time
digging out again. A sleeper wall was built to protect them from the
trains, but they managed to chuck the soil over the wall ont the
running lines, this soil was also shovelled away.

The Steam group had a planning meeting and continued dismantling of
Wee Wee Yorkie, it seems to be getting smaller each day.

In the station area, work was carried out on the new gate where
trouble with the spring has been encountered. Vincent the elder
continued in his namesake's vain and continued painting the outside of
the EVRA shop and Information Center.

Much more planning and a site visit to Duffield with representitives
from other interested parties took place this afternoon. We await

Refurbishment of the landrover also continued.

We also had members turning up for work from Kent, Sussex as well as
Lancashire. All coming to help with the Easter weekend

Tomorrow sees another paying guest. This week, we have had guests or
potential sources of income every day so far, this is what we need!


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