Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Tues 4th March

Evenin' all,

The fast and furious pace continues, We are trying to cope with the
1001 things to complete the work ready for theweekend.

Idridgehay platform and 49 steps had some patio cleaner applied to get
rid of the moss and lichens and other slippery stuff.

The rest of the coping stones for the northern walkway on platform 2
were laid, also more paint/creosote was applied to the fencing as well.
Various pallets of this and that were transferred from the platform

Ballast fettling was carried out and in the afternoon the works train
went down the line collecting 'rotters', when the tean got to the
unloading point, a local farmer was tidying them away - buy one rotter
get 100 free!

Painting and lining of the Incline coach continued. A new wooden bench
was made for use at Idridgehay

The Landrover had some attention including the removal of the top
mounted tunnel lights, the speed limiter was looked at, as this is set
too low, but it is computer controlled and enquireies are in hand to
get it sorted.

A customer came and demonstrated a vehicle modification for the
benefit of Network Rail. Another test vehicle was put through its
paces. They are testing tomorrow.

More carriage cleaning and tidying in the platform area, more paint
was applied to the EVRA shop amd Information room.. More electrical
cable was also passed under the tracks for more speakers to be fitted.

Mid afternoon, THE piece of paper arrived, so that we can now be fully
operational for the opening. A hard fought for piece of paper, but it
reflects the fruits of asll our labours.

Tomorrow sees early testing and continuing tidying of the site,
collection of logs etc.

Quite a week and its only Tuesday!


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