Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tues 18th March

Evenin' all,

Oh! You should have seen the happy smilly faces of the VCT as they
arrived this morning. Newly arrived on a low loader was a huge tractor
with heavy duty flail and monster chipper attached. Alas, it was here
for testing not work. The VCT split into two, with teams working near
Jebbs Lane on tree felling as well as the remainder zooming to Duffield
to replace a stile at Holloway Road. By the time the testing vehicle
arrived at Duffield There was quite a traffic jam forming. The
Landrover which was carrying bits for the testing, was turned as was
the lorry.

The Per way team continued ballast fettling along the back of
Bournbrook Ave with some Boxing in. Some more stone is required in

Work on the dismantling of Wee Yorkie continued with bits being
removed for restoration.

Several visitors attended and had a look around


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