Thursday, 27 March 2008

Thursday 27th March 2008

Dear all
I have returned from the splendours of Milano Centrale created by Il Duce giving many ideas for the new station buildings at Wirksworth. I am also minded of the slogan adopted by Morecambe - Health Abounds Beauty Surrounds or in our case Sickness Abounds Work Awaits.
Nonetheless, some brave souls risked the epidemic and completed the new stile installation at Duffield receiving praise from the villagers using the crossing. The track inspection team ferried the materials enabling them to complete a visual inspection of the track from Wirksworth to Duffield and dealing with drainage problems on the "racing straight". They then completed a walk through of the Wirksworth - Gorsey Bank passenger line completing some remedial measures.
A small team carried on with ballast fettling in the 49 steps area and the narrow gauge saw the creation of some new fishplates to join different profiles of track together.
Sperry Rail visited this afternoon to put some more mileage on their prototype vehicle accomplishing 10 round trips on the Incline.
The Booking Hall welcomed visitors and there was a huddle to accomplish a stock take.
All in all a pleasant day and a slow recovery from the great sickness.