Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday 9th March 2008

Dear all
Another first! Our first three route day with trains operating to Gorsey Bank, Idridgehay and Ravenstor - how many other heritage railways can match that? The sun came out, the visitors arrived in some numbers and the tills ran hot. Iris and the Met-Cam dmus operated to Idridgehay, Margaret-Ann and green trailer to Gorsey Bank and the Bubble Car to Ravenstor creating yet more photo opportunities.
Heartfelt thanks again to all who made it happen, the train crews, Booking Hall and EVRA Shop staff, the caterering team, the crossing gate operators at Gorsey Bank and Idridgehay, the car park attendants and Wil who found his vocation as station announcer.
It has been very exhausting for all involved. Several have been on duty for several days and are due for a well earned rest. We now focus on the "Dash for Duffield" and of the £230,000 needed some £12,900 has been raised in share sales over the last 7 days - only another £217,100 to go!
We intend to take a more managable pace over the next few weeks dealing with a few outstanding tasks on the Idridgehay section and some essential maintenance within Wirksworth Yard. Work will start on the Idridgehay - Duffield section once we have recovered from the financial strain of getting to Idridgehay and built our bank balance somewhat - I anticipate this will take a few months. The "Dash" will then commence.
Rand and the Band would like to thanks everyone who turned out to support them at the Rising Sun last night - it was a right good do!