Saturday, 15 March 2008

Progress Report from Duffield

Dear all,

I am in receipt of the following report from my esteemed colleague the Station Supervisor at Duffield:

ATB, Anton


SUNDAY (Afternoon/Evening)FEB 3rd
Delivered top for breakfast bar, to be fitted later and delivered large bag of ballast from Wirksworth for use on our compound and parking area extension. (Does this mean we're going to have breakfasts served at

MONDAY (Evening) FEB 4th
Dropped off more signing in sheets,doing some pruning of overhanging foliage at back of new office and taking this away together with a large root for recycling off site.

TUESDAY (Evening)FEB 5th
Delivered six more Harras fence panels with six feet,for use at Duffield.

FRIDAY (Evening )FEB 8th
Updating 'our' posters in cabinets at Duffield Station car park end of site.

SATURDAY (Aternoon/Evening)FEB 9th
Took heavy metal DY 548 Signal foot on trailer to HQ's scrap metal skip .Excavated surplus soil that was too high on Road/Rail vehicle turning area, so that this can be reconstructed to correct height.Continued with first part of this reconstruction and to make area usable for Monday.

SUNDAY Feb 10th
(Afternoon) One member of staff put up 'Idridgehay Opening' posters up in Duffield Station car park cabinets and directed lost members of public up to Wirksworth to ride on train, before going up to help with HQ's P.Way gang on Idridgehay line.

(Evening) Brought back on trailer from Wirksworth, wooden shed which will be erected on the smooth concrete floor of 'The Old Lamp Room' by old signal box site, which is being exposed by removing the ballast,which has been covering it for several years. This will house some things presently still being stored in the old office and will have some Harras fencing around it to protect it from intruders. Also more work on moving ballast from off the concrete floor on the Road/Rail turning area continued.

SATURDAY (Afternoon) FEB 16th
Brought up by rail trolley the last remaining wood off platform 3(The platform is now completely clear)then taking shed back down by the trolley to temporary store position,before it can be put up. Then more ballast off old buried floor was moved to road/rail turning area,to make it easier for rubber vehicles tyres to grip while manoevering.

(Afternon)One member of staff,went helping HQ's P.Way team again on the Idridgehay line.

(Evening)Brought another large bag of ballast down from Wirksworth and unloaded it by old office.Then did more exposing of old concrete floor,putting ballast on adjacent turning area.

TUESDAY (Evening)Feb 19th
Started pruning tree and shrubs along stone wall at back of office compound,so we can enhance our security in that area. Then taking off site two large bags of branches to recycle.

SATURDAY (Afternoon/Evening)Feb 23rd
Did a massive spring clean and reorganisation of both offices, then emptied the 80 litre plastic storage tank of rainwater which was on a wooden bench along the stone wall at back of office compound. Relocated
(temporarily) the tank on a pallet in the recess end of old office and transferred the rainwater back into it.
Our two young helpers from Duffield then started the refurb of our new office, by fitting the first section our 'Double Glazing' to one of the four windows which will (a)Make the environment more thermally efficient and (b)make the windows obscure to stop prying eyes from peering in.

Then some old rotten sleepers were brought up by rail trolley from near the buffer stop and loaded to trailer to be taken off site for recycling. On the return trip the contents of one large bag of ballast was taken down to the buffer stop area for temporary storage until it will be used down there.The wooden bench was then put in the new office ready to be used to do jobs on it. A steel shelving unit was also brought and put in its final position in the new office.

WEDNESDAY (Evening) FEB 27th
Changing 'Friends of Derwent Valley line' posters and putting up some new ones of ours,including 'Idridgehay Opening' ones up in the main line platform cabinets.

THURSDAY (Evening) FEB 28th
Some more pruning along back wall of office compound and collecting dead leaves up from our side, also from out the back corner of the garden outside our stone wall.

March to date
The poster cases at Duffield were cleaned by the main station path and car park, hardcore was moved to the road-rail turning area which had become boggy and some ballast brought from Wirksworth has been used to tidy the staff car park area around the station office at Chapel Street.

All the Best-----------------Rodders