Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Dedicated Accommodation, Amenities & Cycling Holidays section- Cycling World Magazine.




I hope you are well.

I am contacting you from Cycling World Magazine, the UKs number one cycling magazine for leisure and touring,

We have a print circulation of 40,000 monthly and we are the number one cycling magazine in the UK for leisure and touring, as well as this we are an exclusive partner to British cycling where their whole 110,000 members get free access to our publication via our app. Our magazine is used as a tool for cyclists looking for accommodation when they go on their holidays and cycling breaks in the UK.

Please ask for a link to our website.

We are currently working on the Cycling accommodation & holidays section in the UK which from now on will be running all year round as we know you need to fill spaces not just in the height of season. To kick this off we have some incredible discounted prices currently available for 3, 6 & 12 months.

Please let me know if you’d like some further information.

Many Thanks,

I look forward to your response,

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Publication Manager

01227 750 153.









Sunday, 20 August 2017

Progress Sunday 20th August 2017

Dear all,

Another day with the visiting Class 26 with a boost from a coach party who were treated to Afternoon Tea in the Pullman before taking a train ride.

Down the yard, work continued on the RF kitchen car where some needle gunning took place. Over on the Derby Lightweight power car, the recently rebuilt air system had some leak finding done. Behind it, Faraday had the cab windows removed for refurbishment.

Today is a milestone because we received our first Santa booking of the season!


Friday, 18 August 2017

Progress Friday 18th August 2017

Dear all,

The quietest day of the week so far for our Class 26 running but still on a par with last Friday so not too bad really.

Down the yard, the exam continued with 55006 and the Station's Team cleared out all old rubbish from the south weighbridge.

Today's pic was taken yesterday actually by the driver at the end of the day.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Progress 17th August 2017

Dear all,

When I woke up this morning I wouldn't have given today a chance with the weather being dreadful! But, it soon became sunny and warm. Another busy day on the trains with two coach parties also helping proceedings. Passenger numbers were double last Thursday.

Down the yard, FTR exams were done on the wagon fleet for the Jinty photo charter next week and some testing was done on the incline which required the Class 33. With the 26, running on Duffield it turned in to a Sulzer sort of day!


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Progress Tuesday 15th August 17

Hi all

Once again the service/tea train was heavily loaded all day boosted by a coach party who travelled from Duffield in the afternoon. Our visiting class 26 D5343 hauled the train and will be hauling the maroon sock for another nine days 
Thanks to the catering team who have just recovered from our busiest weekend ever. They sold out again today !!
The PWay team continued hand tamping joints in the Duffield areaxam
Barclay No 3 and the visiting Jinty had their washouts completed. Cathryn had all its nuts, bolts, split pins and taper pins inspected. The lubrication lever chain was adjusted
Railcar 55006 continued having its B Exam

All for now


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Progress Sunday 13th August 2017

Dear all,

Another fantastic day in the valley with our visiting diesel Class 26 D5343 as well as 31206 and 33103. Gala Sundays are traditionally quieter than the Saturday and today was the same but not that much quieter! We have just had the busiest weekend we have ever had! A huge thank you to all the volunteers for crewing the trains, manning the Booking Offices and even doing the on board bar which was busy all weekend.



Friday, 11 August 2017

Progress Friday 11th August 2017

Dear all,

Over the last few years we have become quite good at estimating demand and managing the capacity we have on our trains. This isn't so important with a rake of coaches because that is pretty much fixed, but with DMUs we have the luxury of choice between single, two car, three car or anything we want really up to 9 cars. Mid-week services don't tend to have the demand that weekend services do, particularly when we have a visiting steam or diesel engine and so we tend to use either a single or two car DMU. They've been busy but fine just recently, but today we only just got away with it. It's a great problem to have to be honest, but it was too close to comfort with all 52 seats on Iris full on the first train today. That said, nobody was standing so you could argue that it was skill (but probably not).

Down the yard, there was plenty of preparation for the special event weekend this weekend. The visiting Class 26 was properly checked over and coupled with 33103 ready for the double header up the incline in the morning. Sadly the multiple working isn't operational otherwise that would have been extra fun. The Class 31 had an amps gauge changed in one cab and it was positioned ready for the morning. The three car set had the final drives isolated and was positioned as it is being used as a second rake of coaches this weekend.

Elsewhere, the Bubble's B exam continued with a fuel filter change on the engines.