Friday, 18 October 2019

Progress Friday 18th October 2019

Dear all,

Not too busy down on the railway today but there was certainly a hive of activity in the town with people setting up for this weekend's Model Railway Exhibition. It promises to be bigger and better than ever so that's quite exciting.

Henry Ellison was steamed up following the repairs and prepared for service on the incline tomorrow.


Thursday, 17 October 2019

Progress Thursday 17th October 2019

Dear all,

It was just a solitary degree this morning as I arrived at Wirksworth. But it didn't deter Bob and the tube car customers who were preparing for their first demo day to railway industry boffins. The base for the day was Duffield so the tube car had to ghost his way to Duffield first thing. Thanks for Eric B and Neil W (and latterly Bernadette) for their hospitality towards our test customers today too.

Down the yard, Met-Camm 50170 was moved to the pit ready for the pre-Santa exam as well as fuelling for the weekend.

In the new toilet block, the internal window frames were varnished and some floor preparations were undertaken ready for the lino next week.


Friday, 11 October 2019

Progress 11th October 2019

Dear all,

A miserable monsoon day where we hosted another Drive a Diesel Day for one family who all fancied having a drive of the bubblecar and then the Class 33. The local pub had overcome the local gas emergency to provide top notch nosh for the whole party inbetween.

The steam team were drowned as they reconstructed Henry Ellison following boiler work with the help of a hired-in crane.

The Maintenance Team also had to shunt to fuel and prepare vehicles for the coming days and also looked like drowned rats.


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Progress Thursday 10th October 2019

Dear all,

Today saw the Permanent Way team drill some brand new rails which belong to a test customer whilst some shunting was done for the weekend. The tube vehicle had to be released from it's spot in the shed, now sporting a nice coat of bright white gloss all over. I believe it is their plan to vinyl it ahead of their demonstration days soon.

Further work was undertaken on the new toilet block at Wirksworth with the windows being varnished, following on from a thorough clean of the floor yesterday.

A fairly run of the mill day really.


Sunday, 6 October 2019

Progress Sunday 6th October 2019

Dear all,

Well considering it was forecast for heavy rain all day the sun shone for a lot of it! Today was as expected for a back end of the season Sunday but we did host a party who enjoyed afternoon tea in the Station Café afterwards. Thank you to the train crew and catering department for their efforts. The new museum was attracting some attention and it was nice to chat to locals who are most complementary about a new facility in their town.

There weren't many in the signing in book today but the Class 73 has further work undertaken on the cooling system to try and make it water tight.


Friday, 4 October 2019

Progress Friday 4th October 2019

Dear all,

A relatively sedate day until late in the afternoon as we hosted a group who had chartered Iris for a trip to Ravenstor and then to Duffield, with hot drink refreshments too. The scheduled departure time was 16:00 however due to problems with their road transport we didn't manage to get underway until 17:30 so the trip turned out to be rather more twilight than expected. Thank you to the crew and catering who stayed later than expected, it was certainly appreciated by the group leader.

Down the yard, the Class 73 has many hoses renewed on the cooling system after it had developed several leaks. The contractor continued with the Maintenance Facility extension and the service train for the weekend was prepared.

Also apologies, as I forgot the Drive a Diesel experience yesterday in my haste! The most useful source of income.

I attach a couple of pics of the new museum/shop which is now open on operating days.



Thursday, 3 October 2019

Progress Thursday 3rd October 2019

Dear all,

Today just seemed a little bit empty now regular Thursdays have finished for the season. However, that doesn't mean it was commercially quiet with tickets for Wizarding Day, Santa and Driver Experiences selling well today over the phone.

Down the yard, final bits and bobs were carried out on 50253 ready for it to re-enter service and the shed was shunting for our customer's tube car to go in for some work.

The PW team were at Wirksworth working on the new siding started last week by the university students and the S&T Department were down at Shottle.