Monday, 15 October 2018

Progress Report Sunday 14th October 2018

Hi all,
A calmer day in comparison to the day previous with fewer obstacles to encounter, although we were blessed with heavy rain for most of the day! Nevertheless the lure of the Wirksworth Model Rail Exhibition enticed the punters some of whom travelled on the train and enjoyed the warmth and delights of the Station Cafe.
Owing to the weather all tasks down the yard were being undertaken in the cover of the maintenance facility with Team TSO sanding the East bodyside and applying a protective undercoat and John applying further coats of paint to the underframe and fuel tank of Faraday.
A relatively steady day given the conditions and I would like to thank everyone for their efforts, particularly Pete Watts who turned in to cover the Third Man turn at very short notice!
All the Best

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Progress Saturday 13th October 2018

Dear all,

A strange sort of day for the first day of the Model Railway Exhibition Weekend which is back in the calendar again after a year off last year. It was very mild, shirt sleeve temperature, but very windy as well.

I'm not sure how busy the exhibition was but judging by our car park it must have been reasonable.

All was going well for most of the day, with the Station Café being busy and the incline hosting two one hour driving tasters. However, the 15:05 ex-DD ran in to trouble when it discovered a large tree blocking the line near 49 Steps. It hadn't been there on the up journey and now the train was stuck on the south side of the blockage. It was time to bring our training in to action! Quick organisation and some phone calls meant we were able to scramble another DMU from Wirksworth and move the passengers from one side of the blockage to the other to get them back. Fortunately, Mick and Mick were available at short notice to come in from home with their chainsaws to remove the tree. It was one of the largest I have seen over the line!

Thankfully all this was cleared up in time for a very successful Jazz and Chips evening special with around 125 passengers enjoying the trip.


Thursday, 11 October 2018

Progress Thursday 11th October 2018

Dear all,

Fairly quiet around the railway today with most of the activity coming from the PWay team. They are digging the drains and ditches out in the 49 Steps area to help dry the track formation out before they tackle the sleepers.

The Maintenance Team were working on the exam part of 55006 as it hopefully nears service once again.


Sunday, 7 October 2018

Progress Report Saturday 6th October 2018

Dear All,

We were greeted this morning with some mindless vandalism on platform 3 with broken glass scattered over the platform together with discarded alcohol cans and there was also evidence of an unsuccessful attempt to gain access to 50170. Todays early morning weather was cold and miserable which did have an impact upon visitor numbers for the first Duffield service but as the weather improved we enjoyed much better passenger numbers.

Down the yard the LMSCA gathered for their Annual General Meeting and work continued on the Duke of which Tim will enlighten us in a separate update. Todays service was supported by the EVRA shop, Booking office staff and Wirksworth Station Cafe and a mention must go to the train crew who coped admirably with wet leaves and slippy rails.

All the best, Tom

Friday, 5 October 2018

Progress Thursday and Friday 4th and 5th October 2018

Dear all,

Quieter now the mid week service has slowed but it does enable other works to take place. For example, yesterday saw the mini digger levelling and grading the ground for the Wirksworth Miniature Railway extension which will be excellent when it is completed.

Work continued on changing an unloader valve on DMU 50253 which completes this vehicle's exam. Work also continued on the Derby Lightweight DMU and TSO 4440 around the shed. Class 101 E51505 is also in the works with attention the toilet compartment having a makeover.


Sunday, 30 September 2018

Supplementary Report Saturday 29th September 2018

Dear All,

This evening our volunteers met at Wirksworth station to unveil the new name for our '08'. In recognition of the excellent service Graham Walker has given the railway, the volunteers decided to purchase name plates for the loco as a testament to Graham's dedicated mentoring to our younger members. Graham's passion for teaching has ensured they have acquired a range of knowledge and skills that have proven valuable assets to the development of our railway. Both Leigh and Mike gave befitting testaments to Graham's contributions to the EVR with his kindness, humour and friendliness being identified as enduring qualities. A large crowd gather on platform one to witness the unveiling by Graham's sons before enjoying a ride hauled by class 08 'G. R. Walker' to Duffield for fish and chips or Graham's favourite Thursday lunch, a roll, potato fritters (and sometimes a few chips).

Sadly Graham was too ill to attend the evening as he is very poorly battling cancer in Derby Royal. Our love and thoughts are with Graham, Anne and their family during this very sad time.

Tom Tait
Commercial Director

Progress Report Saturday 29th September 2018

Dear All,

Today started with two footplate experiences which both participants and their guests enjoyed. The Wirksworth-Duffield service was hauled by '73210' Selhurst and we enjoyed steady loadings throughout the day. Down at Duffield a representative from Network Rail could be found surveying excessive vegetation near the main line and it was nice to welcome Anton back to the EVR. Down the yard the LMSCA and the Duke's restoration team were in attendance. Today's service was supported by the miniature railway, EVRA shop, station cafe and booking hall staff.

All the best, Tom