Thursday, 23 January 2020

Progress Thursday 23rd January 2020

Dear all,

A damp and miserable day saw the PW team get a rare chance to trip back to Shottle to assist the S&T department with their preparations for laying the concrete base for the gantry signal which will be cited south side of the bridge on the approach to the loop. That'll be an exciting step forward when that goes up!

Down the yard, worked continued on the brake cylinder and running gear overhauls for the LMS BTO before it enters service and the Class 119 received an oil change.

The toilets are progressing well with both the cold and hot water systems all finished and working. We even have flushing urinals! This afternoon time was spent ordering up all the materials to construct the cubicles. I've learnt more about cubicle legs today than I have in my entire life!


Thursday, 16 January 2020

Progress Thursday 16th January 2020

Dear all,

A windy and wet day for the Pw team to be working hard on the relay just outside of Wirksworth. I believe they are on panel 3 of 4 now and are well on schedule. They have been doing an excellent job beavering away in a tight timescale.

Down the yard, one of the jobs arising with 55006 was to replace a badly worn final drive dog so the team were working away at that today.


Friday, 10 January 2020

Progress Friday 10th January 2020

Dear all,

The 10th January already! A rare day off for the PW team saw only a handful of people on site today. The 'chicken wire' was replaced on the foot crossing at Wirksworth in preparation for the new season and the exam on 55006 was finished off.

The lone ranger was continuing his quest inside the Derby Lightweight trailer car. I popped up there this morning to take a peek and it is looking excellent. The ceiling and wall panels are fixed in the rear saloon area and trimming is done. The rounded ceiling panel at the end must have been a challenge! You can now also see the unusual concertina door on the corridor end too. The toilet compartment is complete apart from the toilet seat.


Thursday, 9 January 2020

Progress Thursday 9th January 2020

Dear all,

The main thrust of the whole week really has been on the track relay project near DJW24 "Derby Road 1" bridge. The PW gang have really made excellent progress in basically a week of work with one track panel being completely renewed with new base, ballast, sleepers etc. They have now removed the second track panel and are in the process of doing it again. Its a major but vital project which keeps the railway running and their work often flies under the radar.

There aren't that many other people on site. The 'bubblecar' has had an under frame steam clean and some tidying up has been done around the new station building. The running gear checks and overhaul on the LMS BTO continues as we look forward to that entering service soon.


Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Progress Wednesday 1st January 2020

Dear all,

A cold but dry start to 2020 saw our Trains and Fizz mini event with reasonable loadings on the train for the time of year. This included DMU enthusiasts from Llangollen and Marehay. Apparently there was a solitary mince pie left at the end of the day which was quickly consumed by the driver.

One man was spotted working on the Derby Lightweight trailer car and another sorting some wood but nobody else was seen around.

There is around 6 weeks now until the season restarts on the 15th February for our Volunteering Event. If you're looking to join us that is a date for your diary. The hard work begins now with a programme of important track repairs beginning tomorrow as well as other season planning.


Sunday, 29 December 2019

Progress Sunday 29th December 2019

Dear all,

...and there we have it. As I write the final service of 2019 is sat at Duffield bringing the curtain down on another exciting year. Fairly similar passenger numbers to yesterday saw a reasonable load for the time of year. It is always a time to reflect on achievements on the past year but so much has gone on it is hard to remember it all! The opening of Phase 1 of the new Station Building at Wirksworth and construction of the new toilet block is up there in the list of achievements, as well as the introduction of new lifting jacks for coaches, or maybe our first proper Steam Gala? 2020 should continue in the same fashion I would hope. The introduction to service of the LMS Brake Third coach should be a highlight as well as the teak coaches. Who knows what else might come along with the building project, maintenance shed, signalling projects etc?

There were a few souls down the yard today with work continuing on the former Caledonian Sleeping Car, Faraday and the Derby Lightweight trailer.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their hard work and effort over the last year and Happy New Year to all of our followers. Hope to see you in 2020, possibly starting with our first service day on January 1st?


Saturday, 28 December 2019

Progress Saturday 28th December 2019

Dear all,

The first day of our post-Christmas service trains today which saw reasonable loadings on board Iris. Ideal for those looking for something to do during the holiday period. We have a further service day tomorrow as well as New Year Trains and Fizz on New Year's Day.

It was fairly quiet down the yard except for a little further progress on the Derby Lightweight trailer car.