Friday, 26 August 2016

Progress Friday 26th August 2016

Hi all,

Another lovely sunny day in the Gem of the Peak. Lots of activity in the platform 1 picnic area/event space today as the remainder of the event for this weekend was set up. It's like gazebo city round there at the moment. Also the space was used this afternoon for a Santa meeting. Yes, the big man in red is making presents already even though you're still on your summer holiday!

Derek and Dan managed to get two veneer panels reinstalled in to the BSK which is good and the Apprentice went round and filled up all of the coolant and oil reserves for the DMUs. The Sussex Fitter (Caravan Division) sorted out a buzzer fault on the 119 and also repaired the wiper on the 108.

There'll be no Narrow Gauge this weekend as Lesley the Lister has been hired out by the Steeple Grange Railway for an event!


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Progress Thursday 25th August 2016

Dear all,

The last running day before the 1950s Bank Holiday Weekend saw wet and dull conditions, yet it was still strangely warm. Passenger numbers were broadly on a par with yesterday despite yesterday being the three train diagram and today being the four.

Down the yard, the PW gang firmly connected up and fettled the new plain line section where the northern half of the double slip stood last week. Next week will see the southern half of the double slip lifted and removed, which they hope won't be so complicated because it isn't encased in roadway.

The DMU team replaced some missing alternator belts on 51188 and then turned their attention to shunter LJ Breeze which is having some maintenance now it is back at Wirksworth. It has been living down the line for several months. Iris continued to be fettled to connect up the stop solonoid to the new fuel pump fitted yesterday, all part of ensuring the vehicle is fit for service to star at the Dean Forest Railway's DMU Gala in a couple of weeks time.

Work took place at the southern extremity too, with contractors starting work to insulate the roof area of the new Booking Office at Duffield. We have chosen to have the apex insulated to help keep heat down in the summer and keep it in during the winter. The insulation will then be over boarded with matching wood so it gives the appearance as though it is the outside roof and the rather nice apex feature remains in tact. Once this has been completed, it paves the way for the wiring for the lighting to be installed.


Progress Wednesday 24th August 2016

Hi all

Another warm sunny day here at Wirksworth. Bubble Car 55006 was rostered for todays three services after it's vacuum cylinder replacement but it left Wirksworth full of passengers so a two car set was sent to Duffield as a replacement. We certainly are seeing good numbers on these later trains at 11.05
The PWay team reconnected the Incline to enable the steam engines to use their own facilities over the Bank Holiday Weekend 
Iris was seen running after it's new fuel pump was fitted by Rob



Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Progress Tuesday 23rd August 2016

Hi all
A lovely sunny day at Derbyshire's longest Heritage Railway. The Class 25 hauled the brunch/afternoon tea train which was well patronised
A great deal of work was completed on the Minature Railway ready for running this Bank Holiday Week end
Iris the rail car received a new fuel pump and we regrettably said goodbye to Joe Marsden who worked a day week on the DMU Maintenance team and covered the majority of the second man's duties on the Tuesday tea train. He starts a new job with Interfleet in September. Best wishes from all of us.
The PWay team started to lay the replacement track where the old Road 2 slip was removed last week

All for now



Sunday, 21 August 2016

Progress Sunday 21st August 2016

Dear all,

The final operating day for visiting Class 20 D8098 saw average passenger numbers. Today brought to a close a total of 10 days for the 20, all passed with a faultless performance by this fine machine. Many thanks to the owning group for their role. The Buffet did particularly well again today too.

Down the yard, Faraday had the corners bolted back on to the cab after the new steel had been put in previously. The PW Bubble had the large welded section filled and primed and some more metal was cut for the top of the cab on the corner. The Derby Lightweight power car had some more underframe components removed too.


Friday, 19 August 2016

Progress Friday 19th August 2016

Dear all,

A damp and miserable day with heavy rain at times, which is quite a contrast to the nice weather we've enjoyed for a couple of weeks. This did lead to only a handful of volunteers being on site. We hosted a Drive a Diesel experience today utilising, first LJ Breeze to shunt out the DMU which went to Duffield in the morning and then the Class 33 this afternoon. Extra thanks to Eric and Helen in the buffet who had a few extra surprise guests for lunch at short notice.

The Station Team did their usual weekly check round and installed a new length of work top in to the mess room. They needed a nice job inside!

The apprentice finished his cleaning job on Iris and also moved some components to the stores. He then watered the coaching stock for tomorrow.

Derek and Dan were also here trying to keep dry.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Progress Thursday 18th August 2016

Dear all,

A busy and warm day at Wirksworth with the visiting Class 20 still proving popular with our visitors. It is nice to see visitors sitting out in the new platform picnic area enjoying a bite to eat and taking in the atmosphere.

The PW team are working here at the moment, wrestling with the removal of the more than life-expired double slip. They really have struggled and it has taken three days just to dig it out of the road way, free off the bolts and then lift it out of the way. The plan is to put a standard turnout in to what will eventually become the steam shed but this will be slightly further along from the area pictured (behind the camera), with plain line going in here. At least work can begin next week on putting in the new track.

Also of a lifting theme, a crane was contracted in to lift the No.2 end of 55006 so that the vacuum cylinder could be replaced. A refurbished one was to hand which enabled the up, out, in and down maneuver to be done in just 1 hour and 20 minutes! All of the brake rigging was connected back up this afternoon and a test run up and down the car park siding proved satisfactory, although a better test will be done before the vehicle goes back in to traffic.