Sunday, 9 December 2018

Progress Sunday 9th December 2018

Dear all,

A much better day weather wise today saw another swathe of happy families riding on the train and seeing Santa. The warm festive punch is going down a treat!

Down the yard, vacuum bits were in order for 55006 had a valve rebuilt. The Class 108 had the corridor end needle gunned as part of the refurbishment there and Faraday had further progress too.


Progress Report Saturday 8th December 2018

Dear All,

Today saw the start of our Santa Specials. The weather was not kind with heavy rain showers at times but this did little to dampen the enjoyment of our guests who all seemed to have been delighted with this year's Santa offering. Down the yard the maintenance facility was busy with work continuing or Faraday, Derby Lightweight and the Duke. In the evening a packed 4 car DMU departed from Wirksworth to Duffield for the annual Carol Service. Pete Watts will be posting photos of the event on our Facebook site.

Today's Santa Specials were supported by the EVRA shop, Miniature Railway and Station Cafe. Thanks to all the volunteers and paid staff who's hard work helped make today a great success.

All the best, Tom

Friday, 7 December 2018

Progress Friday 7th December 2018

Dear all,

Quite a good day with final preparations for Santa taking place around the station and on the train. Clerk Chuck was doing some admin work to do with the closed season till upgrades which was most useful.

Down the yard, work to find out why 55006 had suddenly stopped created vacuum from No.2 engine was successful. It turned out not to be the exhauster in the end but more dirt in the system preventing it from working efficiently.

Speaking of exhausters, a new one was fitted today to 50170 following on from yesterday.

Thanks to Jack for assisting with the surprise departure of the test vehicle at the last minute too.


Thursday, 6 December 2018

Progress Thursday 6th December 2018

Dear all,

A day in which further prep for the weekend took place with the Santa train receiving a thorough body side wash. 50170, which will feature later in the period, had a defective vacuum exhauster removed and a replacement prepared for fitting.

Further testing took place to Shottle for a customer using 31601.

Down at F4 near Hazelwood, the PW gang were changing sleepers in the cutting, with concretes being the choice here.


Saturday, 1 December 2018

Progress Saturday 1st December 2018

Dear all,

It officially became Christmas inside Wirksworth Booking Office today with the tree going up!

In the engineerium, Faraday was having a new cab front which has been fabricated welded in to position. The original was quite rotten! Also, the Class 108 which has had rear end corrosion repairs to the framework was receiving further patch welding to the areas where the exhausts bolt on to the back of the body.

The 8F group were working on The Duke but I'm sure Tim will fill you in more on this.

A quiet day generally as it is a weekend off before Santa trains start.


Friday, 30 November 2018

Progress Friday 30th November 2018

Dear all,

As November draws to a close we were in full Santa prep mode with two teams tackling the decorating. Firstly the decorations were taken to Duffield by DMU early this morning which was the first DMU to venture out of Wirksworth for a month. It doubled as a test run for 51505 which is returning to service for this Santa season.

The team at Wirksworth finished decorating the train and also decorated the outdoor Christmas tree which looks great.

Down the yard, further exam work continued on 50170 ready for when that is called upon later in the month.

A test customer went out on the track this afternoon before it went dark.


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Progress Wednesday 28th November 2018

Dear all,

A dark, damp and windy day saw a small team assemble at Wirksworth to decorate the Santa train. This was mostly achieved and looks good. The outdoor tree was put up but wasn't decorated due to the weather.

The big news of the day was EVRA's SK going on short term loan to the Foxfield Railway to help with the Santa trains in December. The fitment of the steam heat recently not only proved useful for us but will hopefully suit their needs too!

I would imagine that the PW team got suitably wet down the line today too in their sleeper changing quest.