Monday, 16 January 2017

Progress Sunday 15th January 2017

Dear all,

A quiet day with heavy rain for the most part. The Maintenance Team continued connecting up all the bits and bobs on Iris' engine that they changed the compressor on tomorrow. Unfortunately, they ran out of day light before completion.

Derek drilled alot of holes in some wood for the BSK.

Stokes Film and Vinyl applied a special material to the windows in the messroom which is designed to reflect the sunlight. Since the messroom moved, the sun shining in your eyes when eating your chips is most irritating.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Progress Report 14/01/17

Hello All,

Today the DMU team were out in numbers, one team disconnecting and dropping Iris's No.1 engine. This was in order to change the faulty air compressor due to it not being able to hold its control air. The second team took on the task of shunting the maintenance facility, this was to put the EVRA LMS brake in the shed for repainting.

Faraday's new sourced compressor was dismantled and the parts left to soak in diesel.

The 8F were having a machine shop day.

The LMSCA were tinkering in the BTK and TO.

Dan and Derek were doing their daily routine, eat, sleep, BSK repeat.

Terror a bit,
Olly Hodgkinson.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Progress Thursday 12th January 2017

Dear all,

A bitterly cold day with rain which turned to snow later on. More progress was made on the platform at Shottle which is good but there wasn't much else achieved! Some work was done on the PW Bubble to remove some rust from around the big opening side door.

We also hosted a testing company who had a trolley. They weren't here too long and went away happy.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Progress Wednesday 11th January 2016

Dear all,

The howling gale rapidly flung the tumbleweed around Wirksworth today! The Maintenance Team (or man as one half has man flu) continued working on Iris whilst John popped over to continue his repainting work in the cab of 108 53599.

The PW team were down the line continuing with the platform at Shottle and also sorting timbers out on the southern section of line.

I am delighted to announce that we have been awarded £5,000 from the Aviva Community Fund to aid with the return to service of the former Severn Tunnel Bubble Car for the PW team. It'll be a great help to know that the money is there as and when it is needed. Thank you to all who registered on their site and voted for us.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Progress Tuesday 10th January 2017

Dear all,

Another miserable January day but not to worry as plenty of volunteers descended as they usually do on a Tuesday to work on their various projects.

The Steam Team were in full force today with Stuart fabricating new crosshead slippers for Cathryn. Many components were being refurbished and fitted today including the handrails and lubricator. Ian and Nathan were fitting components to the steam heating system too. Meanwhile, over on No.3, the vacuum control is being refurbished and extra lagging is being put round vital components with the weather forecast looking cold this weekend.

The PW team tripped the works train to Shottle today so that they can carry on with projects around there.

The Maintenance Team were looking at Iris today which had the alternator modification at the weekend. Today they were testing the compressors and listening for air leaks as well as investigating a strange engine oil phenomenon which causes false readings on the dipstick.

Finally, the marquee components from Christmas which were taken down last week and left drying in the Conference Room were packaged up and stored pending their next use which will likely be at the Volunteering Day in February. The final Christmas decorations were then placed in to store and the room was configured back to how it should be with the tables and chairs. The carpet was hoovered so that it is tidy for our customers later in the week.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Progress Sunday 8th January 2017

Dear all,

Not many on site today but still plenty of progress. Barry the Bubble had more cant rail repaired on the north end cab, plus the remaining rust was removed from the body side and primed. After, the faulty hinge on the big opening on the side had the flimsy rivets changed for bolts and then it was oiled.

Faraday was used to shunt Iris on to the pit today so that the alternator could be fitted and the wiring altered. This was completed and now it awaits the fitment of the belts so that it can be tested. After this shunt, Faraday's donkey engine was worked on and the initial thought is to change this engine to a modern electric start diesel engine instead of the crank handle petrol original.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Progress Saturday 7th January 2017

Dear all,

A damp and miserable day but it still saw no fewer than 10 volunteers beaver away at The Duke's restoration. I'm not exactly sure what they were doing so maybe Tim will enlighten you all.

Work continued to try and resurrect the donkey engine on Faraday but it's beginning to get a bit frustrating now. A start was also made on fitting the second alternator to Derby Lightweight single car 'Iris'. This car has always been fitted with engine-driven dynamos instead of alternators like on all of the other DMUs but after the first dynamo failed last year it had that one replaced with an alternator. The costs of repair of the original dynamo is rather high and spares are pretty non-existant. The conversion isn't just a swap job though as some wiring has to be altered and the regulators changed over. Fortunately the fixing brackets are the same. The examination on 51188 was also finally completed.